Coanfi is focused on satisfying its customers in order to find solutions in the different sectors.

We offer quality finishing, project personalization and specialized workforce. Since we have a wide experience in retailing, we have worked with restaurants, offices or shops and we have gained their confidence.

Year 2016: 11.907m² executed in retail

COANFI manages your projects from your very first idea by developing and advising in every step. From our technical office we offer:

  • Study of the viability. It informs the client how viable the project is (for the business benefit), the objectives and disadvantages of the project.
  • Identification of the project aims –configuration, scope, costs and quality- and communication to all participants.
  • Preparation of designing criteria
  • Developing of a program and a cost control system in order to be aware at all times of the cost and estimated deadline of the project and all its components. It will also detect diversions and tendencies in order to make different decisions that will guarantee the fulfillment of the objectives.
  • Programming analysis and studies in order to reduce the deadline by overlapping activities.
  • Activation and monitoring of the different licenses for the project realization.
  • Realization of value models in order to offer alternative solutions with the same quality and lower costs.
  • Elaborations of a quality control plan to ensure and guarantee quality while the realization of a project.

COANFI has in its staff graduated employees in order to carry out Technical Supervision services such as building control department and external support service. These are focused on Edification Engineers, architectural technicians, and Health and Safety coordinators.

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