Maintenance and operations

COANFI offers to manage your infrastructures in order to achieve the following objectives.

  • Optimization of the productive team’s availability.
  • Decrease of maintenance costs.
  • Optimization of human resources of exploitation
  • Optimization of your operating expenses

Year 2016: 1.581 asset management

COANFI relies on the INSTALLATOR COMPANY CERTIFICATE of national scope NºRRHU14/51657

  • THERMIC INSTALLATION (Installation and maintenance category).


We offer personalized and specific solutions according both to size of the installation and the type of activity carried out on it.

Companies relying on our services have their installations availability optimized and take advantage from our immediate response in case anything unexpected occurs.

COANFI is in charge of carrying out the realization of conservation, maintenance and repairing operations in our customers’ properties.


  • Corrective maintenance.

  • Preventive maintenance, control and supervision, manoeuvre realizations, setting, improvements and detection of anomalies.

  • Housing maintenance for big company groups.

  • Maintenance of properties such as bank offices, insurance companies and commercial networks.

  • Legalization of installations and procedures with supplier administrations.


The property assets are grouped in two: new building promotions houses and second hand houses.

New building houses.

These houses have never been occupied. In this case, the reparations are usually final construction revisions or incidences caused by a lack of use and maintenance (filtrations, painting checking, grazing doors, detached wainscots, electrical appliance revision, etc.)

Second hand houses.

These houses have already been occupied and are currently empty. Therefore, there is a wide variety of reparations depending on how the former owners or occupants cared about it as well as the maintenance.
These are houses that generally need repairs like electrical installation changes, painting, pavement substitutions, blinds revision, bathroom, tailings, glass or electrical appliances.


COANFI performs in bank offices, adapting to our costumers’ quality demands.

  • Office maintenance:
    • ATP office
    • Company bank office
    • Private bank office
  • Adaptation to new appearance of offices.
  • Abolition of architectural impediments.
  • Active office extension.
  • Complete dismantling of offices for transfer.
  • Extension and/or job movements.
  • Room divider constructions for work stations.
  • Anchor placing or substitution for strongboxes on any surface.
  • Substitution or extension of withdrawal areas.
  • Creation of a 24h area.
  • Supplying and placing of vinyl. Sign boards
  • Placing or substitution of pavements.

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